Have you ever considered renting a furnished property? In this post we give you some reasons for doing so.

The day you move into your new home is special and very personal. It is where you are going to start a new phase in your life and you want everything to go perfectly, just as it suits you. However, there is always a transition period, due to the move and choosing and buying furniture. What if we said you could forget about all this by renting a furnished home?

Choosing a furnished home has many advantages: you save time and money and it doesn’t mean you have to forego a stylish and modern home. Sounds good, right? If you want to know more, keep reading

Don’t waste time!

You have just signed the lease on your new home in centro de Madrid and you can’t wait to move in. The first thing in favour of furnished properties is that you can move in at once.  You don’t need to wait to choose and buy furniture and wait for it to arrive, your new life begins the moment you pick up the keys.

Are you moving due to work? You have just arrived in the city for work and need to start immediately, and time is of the essence. In this case, a furnished studio flat in the business district of the capital, such as Plaza Castilla, is the ideal solution. You only have to concentrate on adapting to your new location and job, your home is already fully ready for you to move in.

Your cheapest house move

It’s no secret, when moving house the cheaper the process the better.  By renting a furnished property you not only save time but also avoid having to pay a large part of the removal costs, which is a big relief.

It’s worth it because you won’t have to draw up a budget for buying furniture either. If you have just moved to Conde Orgaz, where you intend to start a family, you can use this money for what is most important, your personal projects.

Feel at home

Often, when becoming independent and leaving the family home, the move and the change of home involve a lot of emotions. Arriving at your first studio flat in Barrio de Salamanca to find it empty, unfurnished, with the kitchen and bathroom bare, can feel cold. It is very tough and costs a lot to adapt to this situation. However, an already furnished property gives a sensation of home from the first moment you walk through the door.

Don’t forego your personal style

So far we have mentioned many of the advantages of renting a furnished home. But, obviously we all want to decorate each room of our house to our own taste, personalising each corner. Don’t think you have to forego this!

A team of professional decorators carefully chooses the furniture for our furnished properties. They take into account the hottest trends in the world of interior decorating. A good combination of colours and materials is essential for us, as in this way our homes look very attractive.

Finally, we only work with leading brands when we equip the kitchens and bathrooms for a more comfortable space. If you require further information about any of our furnished properties, at Testa we will be delighted to answer all your questions. We are waiting for you!

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