Living near a golf course offers a host of advantages. If you already play golf or want to learn, Testa offers you your dream home in a unique setting.

Living near a golf course is the dream of all golfers and of those who want to live in a unique setting that is quiet and peaceful. If we haven’t convinced you yet let us tell you the benefits of living near a golf course.

  1. A natural environment away from noise.

Imagine opening the window of your house and being surrounded by nature; the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of birdsong… Living near a golf course, a long way from traffic and noise, is a very pleasant experience. Who hasn’t dreamed of moving to a setting in which to enjoy unrivalled well-being and calm?

Testa has the homes of Jardines de Tara. available for you. Located in a residential area of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, near the Las Ramblas golf course and ten minutes from the las Canteras beach. This development includes homes with magnificent qualities in a gated community with paddle tennis court, children’s play area and fantastic gardens that will delight those who live there. 

  1. A residential area with all services within easy reach.

Our Testa homes near golf courses are perfectly located close to other services such as hospitals, shopping centres, schools, etc. so you can get on with your daily life without having to travel far.

Discover our Las Encinas, housing development in Conde Orgaz. Located in a privileged setting, next to the La Hinojosa golf course, Las Encinas has both furnished and unfurnished properties, depending on your requirements. The building has over 130 one and two bedroom properties and beautiful and bright three bedroom duplexes with terrace, a new swimming pool, children’s play area, a new gym with changing rooms, a multi-sports court and large green areas. A dream come true just a few kilometres from the centre of the capital.

  1. The chance to play a sport that offers a lot of benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

If you live near a golf course but haven’t started playing yet, you are sure to want to try it. One of the main advantages of golf is that it is not physically demanding (concentration and accuracy are greatly valued), as it only requires the effort of walking. Injuries are rare and it is recommended for all ages.

If you like golf and also dream of living near the sea, you will like our Hoyo 14, development in the proximity of the San Juan beach, Alicante. It is located in a laid back residential neighbourhood with all the services and directly connected to the city centre via train. It comprises one, two and three bedroom properties with parking space included, and large communal areas with swimming pool and children’s play area.

  1. Fun for all the family close to home.

Imagine getting up on your day off, having breakfast overlooking the golf course and in just a few minutes being able to practise your favourite sport with all the family. Another big advantage of golf is that anyone can play; children and adults, grandparents, parents and grandchildren.

Conde Orgaz is a peaceful neighbourhood of Madrid surrounded by natural areas such as the La Hinojosa golf course. We present Los Robles, a development of spacious and bright furnished and unfurnished properties, as you wish, with fully furnished kitchens and bathrooms, air conditioning, parking space and recently renovated communal areas that will delight young and old alike.

At Testa, we want to give you the best. So, we have developments of beautiful homes in privileged settings near to golf courses. Have you signed up yet for this sport that has so many benefits?

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