Calling all chefs and their helpers, today we bring you the best refreshing summer recipes.

We continue to enjoy the summer: the many hours of daylight, the warm weather, plans with family and friends and food. With the holidays and shorter working days, summer is the perfect time of year to put in practice your culinary skills. Forget about the cooker though and focus on creating tasty dishes and refreshing recipes to help you endure the heat of August.

If you have run out of ideas and are fed up with eating salads every day, relax! We have the best refreshing recipes to cheer up your meals.

  • Caprese millefeuille with mozzarella

Imagine the situation, you get home after a hot summer evening by the pool. You and your family are hungry but you don’t want to turn on the cooker, sound familiar? Well jot down this recipe.

Start by cutting a tomato in four slices, discarding the top and bottom bits. Then cut a cucumber into thin slices and do the same with a generous helping of mozzarella.

Materiales para realizar una ensalada Caprese

Next prepare a basil oil. Boil a sprig of basil in water and cool it in water with ice to keep its green colour. Put 100ml of olive oil in a glass and add the basil while blending.

To prepare this dish take a layer of tomato, cover it with cucumber and on top of this place a slice of mozzarella previously coated with sesame seeds. Repeat the operation once or twice until you have all the layers you want and voila!

  • Hawaiian poke

This is undoubtedly one of the recipes of the summer. Pokes top the podium when it comes to healthy fast food and are very easy to make.

What ingredients do you need? White rice, salmon, avocado, edamame beans, chia seeds, mango and red onion.

Start by cooking the rice until it is fluffy and firm. When it is done put it to one side and let it cool.

To prepare the salmon remove the bones and skin, cut into cubes and macerate in soya sauce and sesame oil.

At the same time prepare the other ingredients. Cut up the avocado and mango together with the red onion and prepare the edamame beans and the seeds.

Once all the ingredients are ready it is time to put them all together but not as you would usually do for a other salad but one by one. Put the rice at one end of a bowl and place the ingredients on top in an orderly way. Choose your favourite dressing and bon appetit!

Pokes, una receta refrescante en verano
  • A salad of pulses

This refreshing recipe is sure to make you the perfect host.

Salpicón de legumbres

Open some of your favourite jars of pulses and drain off all the liquid. Mix them together in a bowl and add two boiled eggs with a splash of vinegar.

Cut up crab sticks into very small pieces and do the same with an onion, a red pepper and a green pepper. Add this mixture to the pulses and add cubes of tomato. Season to taste with a dressing made of mustard, ketchup and salt and add a little parsley.

Mix all the ingredients together and you will have a delicious salad of pulses with crab sticks.

  • Raspberry lollies

We finish our list of recipes with something sweet and very refreshing.

To make raspberry lollies you only need fresh or frozen raspberries, lemon juice, sugar and creamy natural yoghurt.

Wash the raspberries and mix them gently with the sugar.

Drain the liquid from the yoghurt, beat it and at the same time add the lemon juice and a little sugar if you have a sweet tooth. Add the raspberries and distribute them evenly throughout the mixture.

Once the mixture is ready, take some lolly moulds and begin to fill them with it. Leave in the freezer for 3 or 4 hours until they achieve the right texture and you will have a dessert to refresh your summer evenings.

Nada como unos polos frescos para hacer frente al calor veraniego

Have you made a note of all this? Our refreshing recipes are very tasty and easy to make. Both if you live alone, for example in our Francisco Remiro properties, or with your family in our  Jardines de Tara homes, you will be able to enjoy these delicious dishes whenever you want.

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