Do you want 3 months’ FREE rent? Rent a home now and pay no rent for 3 months.

          Few feelings can compare to that of a new home, of opening the door to a new stage of your life and letting hopes and dreams fill each room. At Testa we want you to have the best possible rental experience and to find the home you have always dreamt of. We want you to forget about your worries and concentrate on the most important thing in your life; looking after yourself and your family. To help you do this we are giving you 3 months’ free rent on your new home, so you can begin to experience the excitement of finding your own place right away.

These are unprecedented times in which the family and peace of mind are more important than ever, and at Testa we are aware of this. We know people’s anxieties and concerns and so we want to continue to contribute our grain of sand and place at your disposal the home you have always wanted, giving you 3 months of rent free.


We know your priorities and needs have changed and we want to help.

We understand that the truly important thing is to take care of your family, live your daily life without worry and look to the future with confidence, and we want to be at your side to help you achieve this. Rent a new home with us and enjoy 3 months of free rent.


We have more than 11,000 properties all over Spain so you can find the home of your dreams today.

Recently newly refurbished properties with garden, spacious rooms, bright spaces, terraces and large communal areas in which you can turn small moments into unforgettable memories.

Do you need more room? Are you looking for a property with a terrace? Do you want to move close to your new job?



At Testa, we have everything you need. We have the largest stock of rental properties in Spain: studio flats, one-bedroom apartments, homes for families in the city centre, apartments in the outskirts, large flats in residential areas, etc.

All our properties have a large variety of renovated and modernised communal areas where you can unwind and enjoy each day to the fullest; large gardens where you can feel the peace, walk and play with the kids, communal sports facilities with gym and swimming pool to exercise and refresh yourself during the hot summers, and spacious avenues and garden areas where you can enjoy nature.

We have a huge range of flats for you to choose from, adapted to your needs, so you can find what you are looking for and begin a new life in which you only need to worry about what really matters and can forget about the rent for three months.



Because at Testa we take care of you and your future, rent a new home today and enjoy 3 months’ FREE rent.

Check out further details on our website, by email or by phone at 918 31 70 73.


*For all reservations made after 15/02/2021 and the associated leases signed before 26/03/2021.
– Promotion valid for new tenants, who sign the lease before March 26, 2021
– This offer is not applicable to social housing.
– This offer cannot be combined with other campaigns
* It is essential staying in the dwelling for at least 18 months, otherwise the offer will be cancelled, and you will be obliged to return the monthly amounts of the promotion you have benefited from
*Unfurbished homes


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