We know that a good breakfast is crucial for starting the day off energised. That is why we invite you to discover a variety of breakfasts that will help you enjoy your mornings in our homes.

From refreshing recipes to healthy and tasty options, we give you different ideas to delight your palate while you enjoy our well-equipped kitchens and sunlit terraces. Prep your senses for a culinary voyage and start the day in the best possible way.

Refreshing Summer Breakfasts

Smoothie Bowls

A combination of fresh fruit, yoghourt and ‘super foods’ to create a nutritious, refreshing breakfast. Top  your smoothie bowl off with granola, nuts, berries and grated coconut to conjure up an explosion of flavours and textures.

Fruit and Vegetable Shakes

Blend your favourite fruit and vegetables into a vitamin and nutrient-rich shake. Take advantage of the variety of seasonal fruit to savour unique and revitalising flavours.

Açai Bowls

Try this popular Brazilian offering that combines the antioxidant power of açai with mixed fruit, granola and honey. It is the perfect choice for a fresh energising breakfast.

Healthy Ice Creams

And why not start the day off with an ice cream? Prepare homemade ice creams with frozen fruit and yoghourt. Enjoy them on your terrace in Getafe while basking in the sun’s early rays.

2. Healthy Balanced Breakfasts

Gourmet Toast

Toast wholewheat bread and add healthy ingredients like avocado, tomato, spinach, smoke ham or scrambled eggs. Gourmet toast is a versatile and delicious option for kicking off your day.

Yoghourt with Toppings

Choose your natural or Greek yoghourt and add your favourite toppings … fresh fruit, granola, chia seeds or honey. This is a quick and easy option that will give you the nutrients you need to tackle your day.

Scramble Eggs with Vegetables

Sauté vegetables like peppers, spinach and mushrooms and mix them in with scrambled eggs for a healthy, flavour-packed option. You can enjoy them on their own or together with wholewheat toast.

Oat Porridge

Cook oats with milk or water and stir in your favourite ingredients like fruit, nuts, berries and cinnamon. Oat porridge is a filling and nutritious comfort food that will keep hunger pangs away all morning.

The ingredients are important, but so too is the setting — when it comes time to whipping up your summer breakfast prepare a breakfast with a view, choose your favourite nook and get ready to enjoy the moment to the maximum.

Take all of this in on the terraces of our homes in Torrelaguna  to enjoy your breakfasts outdoors. Prepare your favourite meal and savour every mouthful while admiring the urban landscape

Create a special corner in your terrace to enjoy a quiet, relaxing breakfast. Set up a small table with a couple of comfortable chairs and adorn it with flowers and plants to give your breakfast nook a fresh natural feel.

At Testa Residencial, we want you to enjoy your mornings and kick off the day in the best possible way. With our well-equipped kitchens and sunny terraces, you will have the perfect setting for preparing and enjoying delicious summer breakfasts. Whether you decide to have breakfast in bed or enjoy your breakfast outdoors on your terrace, we invite you to explore the possibilities that Testa Residencial homes can offer you. Wake up each day to a zesty and savoury breakfast in our homes these unforgettable summer meals!













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