Terraces and balconies: decorating ideas

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Do you want a terrace or balcony worthy of applause? Here are some ideas about how to decorate these areas of your rental property.

How important it is to have a terrace or balcony, right? And for it to be comfortable and pleasant.

In today’s post we want to give you some ideas about how to make the most of these areas so that you can not only enjoy them as much as possible but also have pleasant experiences and memories to treasure.

Some ideas for decorating terraces and balconies

If your rented property has a balcony or a small terrace don’t just use it to have a look out from time to time. Make the most of it.

There are many ways to make optimum use of any space, however small. One is to use multi-function solutions, such as a trunk bench, for example. Another is to choose items that don’t take up much space, for example, folding chairs without arms. Many of you may remember the folding table and chairs sold by a certain Swedish furniture store that was so popular a couple of years ago. It was all the rage! And at a very good price. Many cafés used them for their terraces and inside spaces.

Surrounding yourself with nature always makes for a good atmosphere, right? Dress your balcony or terrace in green. If, in addition, you are a keen gardener, why not install a small greenhouse on your terrace? You can do so even in small spaces. There are various designs with this in mind made of different materials: from wood to make you feel fully submerged in nature, to metal, to combine vegetation with a light and contrasting “industrial” touch.

And dress your terrace or balcony up to the nines! The “clothing” makes a big difference. Use your favourite fabrics. Cushions for sitting on the floor or a towel-rug for sunbathing or having a nap in the open air. This in small areas. If you have more space, let these cushions, chair covers or sun-loungers show themselves off and make the terrace of your rental property really stand out.

And while we’re on the subject of chairs and sun-loungers, if you have a large terrace in your rental property, such as attic apartments have, don’t hold back! A set of chairs and a table will allow you to enjoy delicious meals on your terrace. If you have room, don’t think twice, one or two sun-loungers are a great option for relaxing and lying in the sun. All this is crowding the space too much? There’s a solution! Choose foldable options.

And if you have space to spare, what about a swing seat? A great option for naps in the spring or summer or to rock yourself as you watch the sun go down.

One thing is clear: not using your terrace means missing out on a lot of experiences in the spring and summer sunshine. Make the most of it! And if you are unable to enjoy these experiences in your current rental propertyput a terrace in your life! And, of course, you can be sure to find the best… with Testa Residencial, a company specialising in home rentals.

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