The good weather is here and with it come terraces and plans; don’t know where to start? Let us help you.

The good weather is here at last and with it a desire to make plans. Can you think of anything better than making your terrace the centrepiece? We suggest ideas for enjoying the good weather, terraces and plans to the maximum.

The time has come to sort out your terrace, to make the most of it during the spring season. These spaces, available in many of our properties, have an infinite number of possibilities and today we are going to talk about our favourites:

  • Open air eating

No matter how small your terrace is, there is always room for some chairs and even a small table. With this simple furniture you can begin your routine of breakfast-lunch-dinner in the open air whenever you want, because can you think of a better backdrop than blue sky?

  • Make the most of the first rays of the sun

Don’t wait for the summer to get a good tan. The first rays of the sun announce that our terrace can begin to become a small solarium. Take a sunbed or hammock, adapt it to your space and get out the suncream, it’s time to sunbathe.

  • Teleworking with a view, much better!

If you are still working from home, take your office outside. You don’t need to create a specific area to work in every day, but you can use the garden furniture of your terrace to work for a few hours and create the ideal atmosphere for concentrating better.

  • Relaxation mode on

If you have a mat you have a new corner in which to relax. Terraces are the perfect place for meditating, doing Yoga or Pilates and unwinding. Face the sun, align your chakras and enjoy your moments of relax.

  • Cultivate your own town garden

Sustainable, ecological and very nutritional. Urban gardening is increasing in popularity. To join in it is not necessary to have a large space in which to grow hundreds of plants, quite the opposite. On a small terrace, such as the ones at La Safor in Las Cortes Valencianas, you can create an urban garden where you can grow and look after whatever you like most.

  • Create a party room

If your house has a large terrace, such as ours in Las Tablas (Madrid), you’re in luck, you have found a new party room for the spring and summer. Birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, etc., you can celebrate them all on a terrace. Choose a nice decor, prepare your favourite food and let old and young alike enjoy your terrace.

All the terraces and plans should have one thing in common; they should be places where we want to be. Don’t use your terrace as a storage space and look to create a nice and cosy atmosphere. The decoration of the terrace will vary according to the space and above all your tastes, but it is very easy to give it a personal touch with things such as candles, cushions and lights. How would you decorate our terrace at Son Serra? A great space for making thousands of plans.

What do you think of our suggestions? We know that once you have read them you won’t want to go back inside for anything and we don’t blame you. Find your perfect terrace on our website and begin to enjoy the good weather.

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