When you see the new coworking space in Francisco Remiro you won’t want to go back to the office.

Do you have a laptop and a smartphone? Then you have all you need to work remotely. Don’t worry about the space, we’ll take care of that.

At Testa we are aware of the latest novelties and all the requirements of our tenants. So, we aim to create spaces in line with their concerns and tastes, such as our new coworking space in Francisco Remiro.

In recent months, remote working has become a popular topic of conversation. People have taken a break from long working days in the office, lengthy commutes and tupperware lunches thanks to new ways of working.

Technology and flexible working have made it possible to work from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet and electronic devices.  However, not all places are prepared for optimal remote working.

Factors such as the environment, the internet connection, lighting, noise, etc. directly impact the work routine, so locations such as family homes or cafeterias do not meet all the conditions required to become a “new office”. However, there are places that not only meet these conditions but also enhance them to create an optimal environment for working, studying or meetings: coworking spaces.

What are the advantages of coworking spaces?

  1. They improve the work/life balance

Work/life balance can become an adventure in which coworking plays a key role.

If you need more time to get to work, if you want to leave earlier, or just want to be close to home at all times, a coworking space just below your home is what you need for your daily life.

  1. They are very economical

Coworking spaces provide a work place for all those who need it, with all the necessary equipment and services such as electricity, the internet, etc. External sites offer flexible tariffs according to the hours of use, but our coworking space in Francisco Remiro is far more economical than all that because you won’t have to keep track of the hours you work or the tariffs and you won’t have to pay anything either.

  1. They allow for a better professional development

Although working from outside an office is often seen as unproductive, remote working has encouraged self-control and the measurement of personal productivity.

A Harvard Business Review study confirms significant growth in the number of people using coworking spaces, as not only do they maintain their productivity levels but actually increase these thanks to the autonomy and self-management of time they offer.

  1. They encourage social relations

There is nothing like social relations. Being in contact with other people from a professional or other kind of environment eliminates the “loneliness of the worker” and generates oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness that is produced when we come into contact with other people, generating associations and relationships.

Remote working spaces make it easier to form part of a community through the relationships associated with sharing this kind of work environment.

Working in a coworking space will not only give you the time and resources you need to concentrate on your work, but also allow you to develop new less conventional and more productive ways of working.

Francisco Remiro, the place you were looking for

This new coworking space in the heart of Madrid is an ideal complement to the furnished and recently refurbished studio flats and homes available in Francisco Remiro that are perfect for couples, singles or students who want to live a new stage of their lives in an area that is full of life.

What’s more, the renovations carried out in the residential development include parking spaces for bicycles and a modern and fully equipped gymnasium that is the perfect place in which to end a working day. Who wouldn’t want to live and work here?

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