We have spoken before about the advantages of living in a residential area, be it in a large city or a smaller town. Today we want to talk again about the advantages of living in a residential area but this time inside a private gated community.

Greater peace of mind and security, less traffic, parks and green spaces, sports facilities, and shopping centres with a wide range of leisure activities are just some of the advantages of living in a private gated community in a residential area, especially if you have kids.

For many, living in a gated community in the outskirts of a city means quality of life and so they are becoming increasingly popular among people seeking to rent or buy a home. We outline the strong points of living in a gated community below:

  • Security and peace of mind. Gated communities are residential spaces located in the outskirts, where there are often fewer people and traffic than in city centres. Many private gated communities also have areas where access is limited to residents and may even have private security services. All this makes for a more peaceful environment that helps to reduce our levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Plenty of space. In general, living in a private gated community means more square metres, not just at home but also in common areas, creating an ideal environment in which children can play together.
  • Communal sports facilities. Living in a gated community also offers advantages for those who enjoy sport. Many have tennis or paddle tennis courts and even a gymnasium. Another key feature of gated communities is the swimming pool, a way of keeping fit by doing lengths and one of the best leisure options during hot summer evenings.
  • In closer contact with nature. Gated residential communities are usually located in neighbourhoods with wide avenues often surrounded by green spaces, gardens and parks and sometimes with areas exclusively for pedestrians or with little traffic. This means they are safer and healthier for kids.

Renting a home in a gated community with Testa Residencial

Testa Residencial has developments for home renting in gated communities in residential areas. So, if quality of life for you means enjoying a dip in the pool, playing with the kids in the park or enjoying a bit of peace and quiet before going to bed, Testa Residencial has the ideal rental home for you.

And all without being too far from the city centre and with the best communications both by car and public transport.

In Madrid, for example, developments with these characteristics can be found in residential areas such as Conde de Orgaz and Las Tablas.

A specific example is Las Huertas de Orgaz. This is a private gated community in calle Esteban Palacios which welcomes you with a very special offer: two months’ free rent if you sign before the end of the month. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

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