House moving apps make the laborious process of changing home simple.

From classifying boxes to repositioning the furniture in its new location. At Testa we want to make it very easy for you and to help in everything related with this process and so we have chosen the best moving apps for your smartphone. Check out our list and discover all the possibilities the 2.0 world has to offer.

Organisation is crucial in any process and much more so in a house move, so before doing anything else we are going to give you some bits of advice on how to start.


Begin to organise and pack your things at least two weeks before moving day. In this way, when moving day arrives you will already have everything planned. Begin by packing things you don’t use on a daily basis (clothing for other seasons, books, decorations, etc.) and finish with your daily utensils.

Prepare a “survival” box with daily utensils and necessary objects (toothbrush, pyjamas, a change of clothing, etc.) that you will use when you arrive at your new home before beginning to unpack the rest of the boxes.

Separate heavy and fragile objects and put them in different boxes of equal weight so they are easier to move and place.

Don’t mix things together when you pack them, we recommend you begin to pack your belongings in order, such as by rooms, for example. This will make it much easier and quicker to unpack them in your new home.

Before becoming fully immersed in the packing process, remember to prepare all the materials you are going to need: bubble wrap, adhesive tape, boxes, hermetic bags… small useful things that will help to make the whole process easier.

Have you got all you need? With these tips and the following applications that we have chosen to help you move house, everything should go smoothly.





  • Pro Moving Planner

Pro Moving Planner is the perfect application for starting. It has four modules to make a house move easier. By using its different sections -contacts, planning, budget and timeline- you can make lists, store contacts, set deadlines and calculate costs. It also has an augmented reality function that allows you to see how your things will look in your new home.


  • MoveMatch

MoveMatch is an app for ordering boxes. It enables you to make extensive lists of all your belongings and calculate the amount of space they take up. But that’s not all, this app also offers an approximate calculation of the time the move will take and simple forms for asking for quotes for a move.


  • MagicPlan

Magic Plan is an augmented reality app created with the aim of organising spaces. It allows you to place furniture and objects in a room just by entering the measurements of a space. Thanks to this app, you will be able to visualise how your furniture will look in its new position.


  • Sortly

If you want even more control over your things, Sortly will become one of your favourite moving apps. This application allows you to catalogue all your possessions and furniture using photos. Then, you can create labels, with personalised QR codes with the contents of each box, so you know what is inside each before opening it.


  • Furgo

At last all the boxes are packed, and now what? To transport everything to your new house there is Furgo, an app with which you can get in touch with removal companies or users with vans and lorries who will give you a personalised quote depending on the amount of stuff you need to move.


Have you made a note of all this? This is everything that moving apps can do for you:

  1. Help to plan the time you will take to make the move
  2. Keep track of expenses
  3. Plan and organise your boxes
  4. Provide a virtual view of the layout of your furniture in your new home
  5. Help you to find a means of transport adapted to your needs and budget



Now you know all our tricks and favourite apps for moving house all you need is to get down to work and find the perfect house. At Testa we take care of you, we make renting easy by refurbishing all our properties so you can move in and feel at home right from the start. Check out all the available properties on our website and begin to prepare your house move.

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