Just arrived in Spain and looking to rent a home? Pay attention, in this post we will tell you about the best homes for foreigners. Read on!

The plane touches down and a frisson of excitement runs through your body, you’ve just arrived in Spain! It is at this precise moment, when you have just arrived in a new country, that you begin to ask yourself many questions; what will my new life be like? will I meet a lot of people? will I find the job of my life? But above all, the question is where am I going to live? We describe below the best homes for foreigners who have just landed in Spain.

The centre of the large cities…

One of the locations most sought after by foreigners arriving in our country is the centre of the large cities. Job opportunities, cultural amenities such as museums and leisure facilities are some of the main arguments for living in the heart of a large city.

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Spain for living. It is the country’s capital offering employment in practically any sector. Museums such as El Prado or el Reina Sofía are some of the most sought after cultural options, in addition to all the leisure options to be found in this city.

To make the most of all these amenities, renting a home in Plaza Castilla, for example, is a great option. It is one of Madrid’s most important areas, mainly in the economic sphere. But leisure, culture and cuisine are also to hand thanks to excellent transport connections.

Barcelona is another large city in Spain, one of its more cosmopolitan ones. The large number of jobs available, and its unique culture and personality make Barcelona a marvellous place to begin a new life in Spain. Some of the biggest tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia or Park Güell, together with the beach complete a long list of the advantages to living in Barcelona.

Living in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood will allow you to make the most of this city. The cultural centre is to hand, with easy access to Plaza de España and other points of interest in Barcelona. A multi-cultural atmosphere also makes this city different and in this area you can soak it up for a complete change of perspective!

The search for good weather

One of the big attractions of living in Spain is the weather. People from the north of Europe and other colder countries are drawn to this to enhance their well-being. Cities with a beach, where you can spend hot summers and mild and pleasant winters have become popular destinations.

As a result, Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands is a sought after location among foreigners. The coast or attractions such as golf courses and an ideal atmosphere provide a total change of lifestyle.

The Balearic Islands, and specifically Palma de Mallorca also enjoy good weather for all 12 months of the year. Who wouldn’t want to live in a gated community with idyllic details that is perfect for enjoying the good weather?

A distinguished ambience

The characteristic atmosphere of some Spanish cities is a great attraction for foreigners. Andalusia in general and Seville in particular are different from the rest because of their character and special way of life. All kinds of cultural and leisure options attract the attention of people from different countries, who want to live there. For example,  Triana, a classic Seville neighbourhood, full of the best Andalusian atmosphere and close to the economic centre of a large city, is a unique place to live.

Valencia is a city that has all the characteristics that we have mentioned in this post: it is a large city, with good weather and a unique atmosphere. For example, renting in Benicalap you will have access to the large Nuevo Centro shopping centre, and also to tourist attractions. All with the great weather and atmosphere of the Valencia region.

Testa has the best rental home options for foreigners who have just landed in Spain. Find what you’re looking for and rent your ideal home. Get in touch with us!

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