Oviedo is one of the Spanish cities with the best quality of life. We include below some of the neighbourhoods you must know if you want to live in the capital of Asturias.

Losing yourself in the narrow and colourful streets of Oviedo is like travelling through history and literature. Once you have visited Oviedo you won’t want to leave. All the neighbourhoods of Oviedo have their own character, although picturesque would be the ideal adjective to describe them all.

The Asturian capital has the neighbourhood that best suits you, both if you’re starting a family and are looking for peace and quiet, or if you are an urbanite who wants everything close by; even if you are a student who has come to study for a degree.

In addition to living in a charming neighbourhood, you will enjoy an exceptional quality of life; and it’s not just us saying so, but also a study promoted by the European Commission that, after analysing hundreds of cities, has determined that Oviedo has the second highest quality of life of all Spanish cities; moreover, 93.5% say this city is perfect for living. In conclusion, a small city with all the advantages of a large metropolis.

 Do you want to know the best neighbourhoods of Oviedo in which to live?

The centre

Many city centres are noisy and stressful which leads some people to rule them out for living. However, the centre of Oviedo is a great place to create a home with wide, peaceful, very clean and mainly pedestrianised streets. This, together with its cultural, leisure and gastronomic offering makes the centre a very appealing neighbourhood of Ovideo in which to live.

It is an area full of life and historical buildings, stately facades and 100 statues distributed around the city. It also has everything necessary for daily life: la calle Uría full of shops, parks such as San Francisco, supermarkets, schools, a good transport network…

These factors make living in the centre of Oviedo a dream for families with children, students, groups of friends and couples.

La Florida

This is one of the youngest neighbourhoods of Oviedo. It has undergone an enormous transformation and growth in recent years and has become the new urban and residential area. Living here means safety, modernity and green spaces. Newly built buildings with premium qualities and communal areas to enjoy 365 days a year. We recommend our property development in calle Pravia that has a large garden area and children’s play area. Without doubt, one of the best areas in which to start your new life, both if you have children and if you don’t.

In this family neighbourhood of Oviedo you can enjoy wide avenues, the Purificación Tomás park, restaurants, bars and cafes, and at the same time be only a few steps from the city centre. Its good connections and large number of public transport routes makes travelling to any part of Ovideo comfortable and quick.

El Cristo

In just a few years this neighbourhood has become one of the youngest and most urban of Oviedo with many services to hand.

On the one hand, it is one of the areas that is most in demand by young families due to its privileged location: a modern neighbourhood close to the historical city centre. Full of parks for the kids and nature lovers such as the Parque Clarín, the garden of la Plaza de Toros, the Parque del Truébano or the palace gardens, in addition to a large number of leisure facilities and bars, cafés and restaurants.

On the other hand, it is the university neighbourhood. There are a large number of students as the campus del cristo of the university of Oviedo is located there. Young people choose this neighbourhood of Oviedo due to its proximity to the campus but also because of its proximity to the centre, its good connections, sports facilities and green spaces.

Ciudad Naranco

If you like the neighbourhoods of old, Ciudad Naranco is for you. A peaceful and agreeable place, full of parks and gardens. An area in which the old and the new combine in a perfect symbiosis. If you walk along its cobbled streets (many of them sloping) you can see one-storey individual homes and, at the same time, residential areas with gated communities, tower blocks, gardens and children’s play areas. A good example are the spacious and bright homes of calle Viseu, that come with a concierge and store room.

Although one of the oldest and most historical neighbourhoods of Oviedo, in recent years it has been very quickly rejuvenated. It is a modest neighbourhood that is expanding and that has everything necessary: shops, bars and schools. It is also very close to la calle Uría and the train and bus stations.

Without doubt, Oviedo is an ideal place to live! You will have all you are looking for, quality of life and all services nearby. Tell us which neighbourhood of Oviedo you like and we will help you to find the house of your dreams. As Woody Allen said: “Oviedo is a delicious, exotic, beautiful city… Oviedo is like a fairy tale”.

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