June means sunshine, high temperatures, plans and above all summer. Today we show you how to prepare your house for the summer and leave it ready for the new season.

Summer offers many possibilities to make the most of a house. With just a few small changes a home can be transformed into one that gives off an atmosphere of summer. Decor, paint, furniture – many elements come into play when making this change, so it is crucial to know what to do with each one to obtain the results we are looking for. Let’s go!

Get your house ready for the summer with these tips.

  1. Light colours come to the fore

A coat of paint, changes to textile elements such as curtains, bed linen, table cloths, etc. are essential for welcoming the good weather. Say goodbye to dark colours that only attract the heat and say hello to white, beige and raw and pastel hues. These colours reflect the light, give a sensation of space and help to keep the temperature of the house more comfortable.

  1. Get to know natural fibres

Natural fibres are the summer material par excellence. They are fresh, cosy and create an enveloping atmosphere that is very relaxing. The best thing about them? They go with any style of decor, so you won’t have to change your furniture.


One of our favourite uses for natural fibres are rugs. They are perfect for any space and are the best option for the summer. In large living rooms such as those in Humasque in the Balearic Islands, they are ideal.

  1. Immerse yourself in the power of nature

To achieve a feeling of enveloping freshness, you need plants. Full of freshness and oxygen, they can be placed on the floor, on shelves or hung from ceilings. Summer is the ideal time to create an interior garden full of life.

  1. Don’t clutter

Sometimes, when we have large rooms such as those in Las Tablas (Madrid), we tend to fill them with things, creating spaces that are cluttered with furniture, decoration and other elements. To make your house respire summer, the best idea is to throw out or put away all those things you don’t use. Uncluttered spaces give each room extra freshness.

  1. Slow decoration

This one of the latest trends in decoration and has arrived at just the right time. It stands for relaxed and simple spaces with the light centre-stage. This style of decor is based on calmness and relaxation and simple spaces full of peace and good vibrations.

  1. Make your terrace the star of the show

If you have a terrace, make it the centre of your summer home. A table and chairs, a border of lights and plants in each corner, will make it the main space in which to spend the summer. An area where you can relax, enjoy yourself and breathe easy, such as our chill out space at Embalse de Navacerrada.

Get into the summer mood and prepare your house for the summer with these tips and all the others we have prepared in our blog. What’s more, if you want to enjoy this new season as much as possible, we are sure you will be able to do so in a new home, that you can find among our rental properties. Terraces, large picture windows, a swimming pool, etc., all you need for the summer is waiting for you at Testa. Find out more!

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