Continuous improvement, tidiness and cleanliness in one minute and five steps, this is the Kaizen method. 

Hands up all those of you who think a tidy house is a happy house. We at Testa do, and so every day we look for new ways of decorating and storing to make our properties into refurbished homes designed for comfortable living.

One of the latest decorating approaches is the Kaizen method that keeps homes perfect all the time just by following a few simple steps. Want to learn more? Let’s get started!

What is the Kaizen method?

It is an approach to organisation that comes from Japan, the home country of the famous Marie Kondo, and is gaining followers all the time.

This approach to order is based on the literal definition of “Kaizen” that means “change for the better”. Based on this premise, it seeks continuous improvement, or in other words, small acts of organisation that become a whole where each element occupies its place creating harmonious spaces.

The key to the success of this technique lies in its consistency. Turning this “task” into a habit will make a difference and help you to enjoy your free time while you comfortably tidy and clean your house.

A method based on the 5s  

Now we know the origins of the Kaizen philosophy, let’s see how it works in practice. This famous approach to order follows the principle of the 5s, five words that in Japanese begin with s and that mean sort, straighten, shine, standardise and sustain.

To correctly apply this method, we need to set aside a few moments each day and introduce the 5s in our daily routine, following a specific order.

  1. Seire (Sort)

The sorting step is all about functionality. Before cleaning and tidying it is essential to separate really important elements from those you no longer use. Once this decision has been made, it’s time to get rid of the things you don’t use and focus on what is truly useful and important.

  1. Seiton (Straighten)

When you have got rid of all the useless things, it’s time to begin to tidy. Each object should have its own space and stay there. In order to classify your belongings, the best thing is to use a tidying method based on their use, characteristics, etc. By keeping everything in a fixed place you will be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly and keep the rooms of your house tidy.

  1. Seiso (Shine)

Once everything has been put in its place it’s time to begin the longest step, cleaning. Although it may seem rather tedious, the Kaizen method suggests cleaning every day to prevent dirt as much as possible and not have to clean in-depth every once in a while.

At first, carrying out the steps might be slow and laborious, but once you get the idea, each task will only take you a few minutes.

  1. Seiketsu (Standardise)

This step encompasses all the previous ones, in other words, these actions need to become daily habits that prevent the untidiness of the house from increasing.

According to the Japanese experts, in order to do this to perfection, each step must be internalised so that it becomes a habit. In this way, by doing a task every day, such as making the beds, tidying the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, etc., you will be able to internalise each step and do it effortlessly.

  1. Shitsuke (Sustain)

The last s of the method is based on discipline. Being disciplined and following the Kaizen approach step by step, you will never have to worry about tidiness and cleanliness.

The experts in this technique say that with just 5 minutes a day, all homes can be kept clean and tidy.

It’s very easy to imagine yourself living in our properties in Plaza Castilla, Alameda de Osuna, and Valladolid. On the first day after moving in you can decide what you really need and on the second day you can arrange your clothes in your home in Valencia or your books in Majadahonda. On the third day you will have to begin the Seiso stage and start cleaning. Who wouldn’t want to clean this kitchen in Son Serra?

Finally, you only have to organise yourself and repeat these small steps each day.

By using the Kaizen method at home you will achieve greater harmony with small actions.

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