Backpacks and books ready, we bring you the best tips for preparing the return to school.

It’s time to get everything ready to go back to school. Each September the return to the daily grind comes around; after two months of holidays, parents and children have to get ready for the start of a new stage in which it is essential to be prepared.

In order to achieve a positive and quick adaptation that helps kids and adults alike to incorporate the new changes to their routine, we give you some advice so you are more than ready for the return to school.

  • Schedules change

The summer brings changes to our schedules, so in the first few days of September it is advisable to get the body used to the new routines, meal times, tasks, and early mornings. The sooner we get used to these new schedules the easier it will be to include them in our new routines.

  • Establish a budget

Although the post-Christmas holiday spending crunch in January is the big one, September also brings with it new expenses associated with the start of the school term. Drawing up a budget for materials such as books and uniforms and not leaving anything to chance will help you to organise your expenses.

Also, if you want to organise your expenses, tasks and schedules from your mobile phone, you can do so with our recommended apps, don’t miss them!

  • Prepare supplies

This is best done in large spaces, such as the living rooms of our Los Robles properties in Conde Orgaz. Lay out all the supplies and begin to organise them: pencil cases, planners, pencils, books… organise all the material together with your kids and prepare what they are going to need for each day and activity.

  • Try out the route to school

The last few days of the holidays are ideal for making small visits to school and getting to know the route. This allows you to control the time it takes to get there, find out the best routes and monitor the state of the traffic or strategic locations.

In our homes at Planetario (Madrid) the kids won’t have any problem getting to school as they are located very close to school and leisure areas.

In addition, the homes at Hospitalet de Llobregat are very well connected with various school areas thanks to their proximity to the city’s main thoroughfares.

  • Time for parents and children to share

The long school and working days sometimes mean that parents cannot spend all the quality time with their kids they would like to. The days of preparation for the return to school are full of small moments to share and enjoy together.

Each experience and each return to school is different and we only have one piece of advice, enjoy to the full! Use the time to create new memories, spaces and sensations.

Just worry about the important stuff and let us take care of everything else.

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