Make your house a cozy, chic and practical home with our tips for making the most of small flats.

Of course size matters, but it is not everything especially if we are talking about small homes.

Living in a small house doesn’t mean giving up comfort, in fact it offers lots of possibilities for making the most of our creative abilities to create comfortable and practical spaces adapted to our needs.

We are thinking of small homes – studio flats, one-bedroom flats, and lofts. There are hundreds of options for those looking for small spaces with all the features necessary for daily life and who don’t want excessive storage space and oppressive decoration.

Perfect examples of this kind of space include our studio flats in Barcelona and our one-bedroom properties in Avenida de Europa (Madrid) and Malaga.

These flats are perfect for students, couples and people who want to live independently. They have all the necessary rooms for a life of comfort and tranquillity.

The options are unlimited; all you have to do is choose the one you want.

 If you want instant comfort you will find furnished options in our studio flats in La Guindalera and Conde Orgaz, where the most is made of all their nooks and crannies with a modern and very functional decoration.

If you want to start from zero, you will love our unfurnished properties. In Valencia, Almería, Gijón or in the capital you will find recently refurbished homes with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms that are perfect for applying our tips for small flats.

Under the premise “less is more” you can furnish and decorate these properties simply and practically and using common sense.

  • Forget bulky furniture

Don’t install very large furniture, in that way it will easier for the light to enter all the rooms of the house.

  • Use furniture adapted to each space

A small writing desk in a corner, shelves that adapt to a corner, a sofa that can be folded up to fit in a certain space; multi-function furniture will allow you to make the most of different areas of your home.

  • Use light shades

On the walls, in the decoration, in the furniture; light colours are key to making spaces look bigger.

  • Integrate spaces

The lack of walls in properties such as lofts or studio flats means all the available square metres can be used, creating shared spaces that favour communication and make the flat look bigger.

  • Avoid oppressive decoration

Keep the atmosphere light by avoiding elements that take up a lot of space or do not have a specific use as these will give a sensation of claustrophobia. Slim furniture and decoration that is not voluminous will help to create lighter spaces.

Articles that combine functionality and decoration will help you to obtain the perfect combination of stylishness and practicality.

  • Create visual groups

Having windows, furniture and walls in the same colour favours the creation of visually large spaces. To achieve this effect, we recommend you paint the walls in light shades and buy furniture in the same style.

  • Choose alternative storage options

Although wardrobes and cupboards are the usual storage option, lighter elements such as coat racks, individual shelves hung on the walls and shelving units without a backboard perform the same function and allow you to make the most of the available space.

In addition to these tips, it is crucial to take time over the layout of the space. Knowing where each thing will go and what function it will perform will help you make the most of each room, demonstrating that small flats have a lot to offer.

Big ideas will change small homes completely because what is important is not the number of square metres of a house but rather the way in which you decide to make it into a home. At Testa we can help you find your ideal house, be it large or small. We have a wide range of options that are sure to fit in with what you are looking for. Ask us and together we will find the perfect choice for you.

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