Get a stylish and complete decor with the latest trends in curtains for your home

We know you like to take care of every detail when it comes to decorating your home. You enjoy making decisions about what sofa or side table to buy, the rug that will go best with them, and what lamps to choose to illuminate each corner of your house with a certain kind of light. So, this post is for you, discover the latest trends in curtains for your home.

Every element counts and curtains are a distinguishing feature to make your rooms triumph, showing off the cosiness of your living room or the strong personality of your bedroom. As always, we want to advise you and accompany you on each step of the process that goes from choosing a rental property to installing the last decorative element that will make you feel at home. Discover the latest trends in curtains for your home.

What colour should you choose for your curtains?

We start with an essential aspect, the colour of the curtains. To choose the right shade, we must have a global vision of the room in which we are going to hang the curtains, what its style is, what colours pre-dominate and choose a colour that combines perfectly. We know you are aware of this and so we recommend the latest trends in colours for your curtains.

  • You can’t go wrong with neutral colours. Beiges, greys and whites never go out of fashion especially if you want an elegant decor.
  • Striking colours, combination and contrast. The real trend is for bold and daring decor. For example, grey sofas or chairs, yellow cushions and curtains that go with the latter! A marvellous mixture that is very much in vogue and that will fill any room with style.
  • Gradient curtains are increasingly popular. Subtle or more powerful, gradient colours are one of the hottest styles in curtains at the moment. They are easier to combine with different colours, and with the brightness and the views of a home.

Printed and heavy

Bright homes? Yes, please. Being woken up by the first rays of the sun? No thanks. If you identify with this problem, heavy curtains are what you need and, congratulations, they are in vogue!

The print of the curtains is another of the most important factors when decorating. And we have good news for nature lovers, this season floral and leaf prints are trending. These go perfectly with white walls and will bring your bedroom, living room or kitchen to life. Do you dare to try them?

Trends beyond the curtains

To triumph with your curtains, you need to think beyond the fabric and decide which decorative elements go with them; the rod, the rings, etc.

Among the most fashionable decorative elements at present, we would go for pom poms. These add a relaxed and cheerful touch to any room.

To conclude, we are going to go beyond the curtains themselves and talk about the rods. At the moment, metallic accessories are in, such as gold-coloured brass rings, and even lucite rods as an accompaniment to a style that is elegant, sumptuous and with a scent of luxury.

Every self-respecting home needs good curtains. Now you know the latest trends it’s time to begin to fill your home with them, such as in our properties in Los Robles de Orgaz, homes with large rooms and picture windows where you can hang two kinds of curtains, thin or thick, depending on your preferences.

Our properties in Cotos, Médico Francisco and Ramón Moncada are also characterised by their enormous windows and terraces. Lovers of natural light and of decor will find here a paradise for curtains. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, all the rooms are perfect for hanging the most fashionable curtains.

Now it’s your turn, what do you think about the latest trends in curtains? Do they fit in with your style? Remember that in our blog you will find the best tips for decorating your home and also for getting the most out of it. Also, don’t forget that if you are looking for a change of life in a new rental property, we will help you at all stages of the process! Visit our website and find the home of your dreams.

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