Plants, aromatic herbs, vegetables… you can find them all in urban gardens. Let us tell you about the best options for your home.

At some time, you are sure to have wanted a small urban garden in which to grow your own aromatic herbs, vegetables and even flowers. However, urban homes do not have all the room necessary for a large infrastructure. In recent years, fans of cooking, plants and agriculture have created a boom in the popularity of urban gardens, small natural spaces that bring life to a home.

Both inside and out, there are various options when it comes to an urban garden.

Smart gardens

Although the concept of intelligent or smart garden is becoming part of our vocabulary, there are still people who confuse these with an interior garden or domestic greenhouse.

Smart gardens are electrical appliances that allow certain plants and vegetables to be grown inside a house.

The have an independent system of light and irrigation to provide water, nutrients and oxygen to the plants they house. If you want to know more about these intelligent household gardens go to our post. 

Domestic greenhouses

Unlike the first option, domestic greenhouses are constructions made of plastic, fibre glass or glass that protect plants from the bad weather, especially the cold. Traditional greenhouses are found in courtyards or large spaces but there are also smaller modern options that have humidity and temperature regulators to encourage plant growth regardless of the external weather conditions.

Urban gardens

Urban gardens are the adaptation of traditional gardens to city spaces. They reproduce the traditional concept of open air gardens but with smaller dimensions and are found on terraces and balconies and not on large areas of land.

Any of these three options is perfect for growing your own vegetables, aromatic plants or flowers at home. Having an urban garden will help you to save money on shopping, make you more independent and allow you to have your favourite plants and vegetables to hand.

It will also help you to eat more healthily as you can eat all you grow and will help you to clear your mind and disconnect, thanks to the time you spend looking after your plants.

It is also a way of connecting with nature in an urban oasis.

Urban and domestic gardens are becoming so popular that there are various options both for homes with balconies and terraces, such as those in Condesa de Venadito en Madrid and for flats without these spaces whose occupants want a small natural corner in the interior of their home.

Choosing an urban garden, a domestic greenhouse or a smart garden will depend on the available space in your home. Depending on the location and on the plants you want grow, you can choose one system or another of domestic cultivation.

Homes with terraces, rooftop apartments, ground floor flats with gardens, flats with balconies, etc., domestic gardens are perfect for all kinds of home and at Testa we have them all. You only need to choose the perfect place to install yours. Visit our website and find among our homes the option you were looking for. Welcome to your new home!

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