Long corridors in a home can be an opportunity to add functionality and an extra touch of style to your life. Rather than a waste of space or a big challenge, think of them as an opportunity to get more out of your home, depending on its layout.

How can I make the best use of a long corridor and how should I decorate it?

Create storage spaces

A long corridor can be the ideal spot for a wardrobe or shelves for storing seasonal items or bedding.

To use a corridor to create the extra space that may be missing from other rooms, such as the bedroom, a good option is to install a wall-to-wall unit that has both shelves and drawers.

Wall-hung units (i.e. that do not touch the floor) are another very practical way of gaining storage space without losing floor space.

Create your own art gallery and souvenir collection

If you have a collection of art or photos you’d like to see or have on display, you can hang the pieces along the wall and build your own family exhibition or personal artistic corner.

Testa Tip: You don’t need screws or nails to hang pictures or posters—you can use special adhesive for hanging pictures without having to use tools or leaving marks.

Grow your own small garden

If you have a long corridor, as in our homes in Los Olivos, you can put small plants in the corners or up the walls. Houseplants in attractive pots can be positioned along the corridor to create a welcoming, cosy atmosphere.

Low-maintenance houseplants that don’t need much light, such as sansevieria or ivy, are perfect for this purpose.

And if you are a keen gardener and have the space, you can even try growing your own vegetables.

Hang mirrors on the walls

Adding mirrors to a corridor makes it look wider and brighter. Mirrors are also very decorative. You can opt for one large mirror or several small ones dotted along the corridor or in groups.

Give carpets a chance

Carpets and runners, far from being out of fashion, can make a corridor more welcoming by adding texture and colour.

We recommend a carpet that is long enough to cover most of the corridor, especially in long spaces such as the ones in our Antonio Zapata homes, creating an impression of spaciousness and continuity.

Add a small piece of furniture

A console table or set of shelves at the end of a corridor can serve a variety of purposes—to hold books or decorations, or just leave things you need to keep at hand. You’re less likely to forget them, since the end of a long corridor is like a vanishing point that draws your attention, even though it’s often wasted.

Another very smart addition to a corridor is an armchair, a table or even a rocking chair, paired with a reading lamp. This will give warmth to the space and make it more welcoming, not just a passageway.

If your corridor has a hallway or a more spacious area, such as a lobby, you can use it to create a small work corner. With nothing more than a table and a chair you can create a completely different working environment.

Remember that the way you use and decorate the corridor must be consistent with the space you have available and the style of the rest of your home. By choosing items that go well with the rest of the decoration, you’ll achieve a unified look and a more welcoming atmosphere.

Have a look at our website to see different types of corridors, lobbies and layouts, so you can enjoy the one that best suits your tastes and needs. We’ll help you throughout the rental process and make your move easier.

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