A home that lives up to your expectations! Discover the advantages of living in a rooftop apartment

A modern version of a traditional fairy story might start like this: “At the top of a magnificent building, in a privileged location, lived a happy prince or princess, with all kinds of amenities to hand”. The best part about this story is that it is as modern as it is real, as there are many advantages to living in a rooftop apartment.

If you want to live like the characters in a fairy story, don’t miss this post. And, if you are interested in renting a rooftop apartment in the centre of Madrid, Barcelona, Almería or other large cities, remember that Testa has the best offers and, in addition, we will give you advice!

Views that you and yours will fall in love with

Mondays aren’t so bad and Saturdays are even better than usual when you enjoy magnificent views from your home every morning. The experts don’t say so, but we are sure that having breakfast in a rooftop apartment, at the highest point of a seaside town with just the blue sky for a neighbour above and contemplating the sea in the distance, significantly improves your quality of life. Can you imagine the lucky person saying, “I have the best views in town”?  We can.

But don’t worry, if you prefer a more urban setting and being able to enjoy the imposing view of a large city from high up, a rooftop apartment is a choice that will favour your well-being. Every lunch or dinner you organise will be a success, your guests will be amazed at your terrace, a unique and very special place, located, for example, in the heart of downtown Madrid. From high above the city looks very different.

Enhanced security and privacy

What do you look for in a home? A favourable location, amenities suited to you, a good residential community and … security! The safest floor in a building is also the highest. Safe from possible problems that usually concern the other residents. Other benefits include the lack of noise. We know this is an essential characteristic if you are lucky enough to enjoy a large home in a very central area such as Argüelles.

In addition to security, rooftop apartments also combine two elements that are often difficult to find together. They have large picture windows and conditions that make them one of the brightest kinds of home. But, at the same time as you enjoy the sunlight in the living rooms and bedrooms, your privacy and seclusion is guaranteed too. At times it is possible to have everything, or almost everything.

The most exclusive homes

As we have seen, rooftop apartments have a lot of favourable features:

  • Nice views
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Peace and quiet
  • Good light

All these factors mean that, although we are talking about large cities, rooftop apartments are not very common and so are highly exclusive. When someone says they live in a home like this, the reaction is usually one of astonishment. In fact, we can finish with the phrase: he who has a rooftop apartment has a gem.

Renting a rooftop apartment is a very interesting option, a step-up in quality as regards a home. However, not all rooftop apartments are the same, you need to search properly to find one that has all the features mentioned in this post. We recommend some below:

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