Technology play an increasingly important part in all aspects of our lives and in some areas where it was already present, it has been given an important boost by the restrictions to mobility brought about by the public health crisis.

An example of this are virtual tours. Many of us have used this tool during lockdown both for necessity and for entertainment and often for professional reasons as, for example, this year we have not been able to attend trade fairs although we have been able to visit them virtually.

In the property sector, we at Testa Residencial, have not only brought this trend to the home rental market, but we have also refined what these virtual tours offer to those who want to use them to look for a flat to rent.

Virtual tours already existed in the property sphere, but were more focused on selling and new builds. However, at Testa Residencial, we also wanted to offer this technology to those looking to rent a property with possibilities that go beyond those of a standard virtual tour.

So, via our Testa Digital project, through our website Testa Residencial, we can tour various home rental developments that are kilometres away. We can see in detail the finishings of the flats that we are considering in our search for a home to rent. We can also view the different rooms, both empty to see the possibilities in terms of space layout, and with a suggested decoration in order to have a better idea of what our possible future home would be like. And, if we have already decided which flat we wish to rent with Testa, we can even take measurements with a view to furnishing the rooms.

So, we invite you to experience a virtual tour of some of our developments with Testa Digital, another unique service provided by Testa Residencial.

At Testa we continue working to offer you the opportunity of getting to know your new home despite the current circumstances, because we know how important it is.

So, let’s go! Enter the website and with just one click live the digital experience of visiting your new home from anywhere and on any device.





Palma de Mallorca

What did you think? These are just a few examples. In our home rental finder there are more virtual tours of our home rental developments in these and other cities. Those properties for which a virtual tour is available are identified by an orange coloured icon. And very soon you will be able to enjoy virtual tours of all our developments. We invite you to come on in, welcome!


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