Finding the perfect home may seem a daunting task but we make it easy for you. Take note of what factors you need to take into account when renting a flat.


Is this your first time flat-hunting or do you already have experience as a tenant? At Testa we know both first-timers and experts need to take into account some fundamental aspects when renting a flat. Let us explain!


  1. Location


Look at a map of your favourite city, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, A Coruña… at Testa we have homes all over Spain. Start to make a note of the areas in which you would like to live and take into account their connections and services: means of transport, health centres, schools, parks, etc.


Are you a fan of the centre? Then you will find your ideal home in places such as Manuel Becerra and Chamberí in Madrid. Properties with 1 to 3 bedrooms that are very well connected, with all the services available nearby.


If, on the other hand, you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, you will be able to find a home in our developments in Las Tablas, Las Rozas and Mirasierra also in Madrid. Spacious and functional homes located in peaceful residential neighbourhoods, that are well connected and perfect for all those who want a change of scenery.


  1. Price


One of the most important factors to take into account is the price of the rent. Testa has the most competitive rents on the market; from 400€ you can find properties that meet all your needs.

What’s more, we would like to help and make it easier for you by giving you up to 3 months’ free rent if you find your perfect home and call us now.


  1. Lay-out


Analysing a home’s lay-out helps you to imagine what your life will be in it. A large living room, a kitchenette, an en-suite bathroom, large terraces… Our properties have an endless number of combinations so you can find what best suits you and yours.


Are you looking for a bright space where the light reaches into every corner? Then you will find a home in Francisco Remiro; beautiful furnished studio flats where comfort and functionality go hand in hand.


If you want every person and each thing to have their own space, the homes in Calle Noreña in Oviedo and Maestro Rodrigo in Valencia will become what you have always dreamed of. Large flats with up to 4 bedrooms for family life in their large rooms.


One of the most important aspects of the lay-out of a property is its orientation. The preference for one orientation or another will depend on the time of day that each person is going to be at home. For example, if you want the sun to light up your home in the morning to illuminate your teleworking days, look for an east-facing development such as La Safor in Valencia, and on the other hand, if you are going to spend a long time out of the house and you want to make the most of the last rays of the evening, you will need a west-facing property such as those we have in Pamplona.


  1. The quality of the materials


When entering a new home it is important to make sure there are no problems such as damp, cracks in the walls, loose tiles, etc. At Testa we look after you and not only check all our properties before you move in but also repair and renovate them from zero, so your new home is in the best possible condition.


We use premium quality materials, household appliances with an energy certificate and we check the utilities installations so everything is in the best possible state.


  1. Furniture


Another aspect we have mentioned on previous occasions is the option of choosing a furnished or an unfurnished property. Furnished homes are the best option for people without much furniture or who want to move in immediately.


Testa has a wide range of furnished properties, with very different and versatile styles to adapt them to the tastes and needs of each tenant. Haven’t you seen them yet? Visit our retro style studio flats in  Barrio Salamanca or the avant-garde and modern properties in Conde Orgaz.

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