Life beyond the city centre has many advantages, benefits and homes. Want to find out more? Read on.

People often talk about the disadvantages of living in the outskirts of the city; the distances, communications, etc. But this is not always the case; life in the outskirts has many benefits and once you get to know all our properties in these areas we are sure that not only will you want to live away from the city centre but also you will want to move there right away.

Advantages of moving to the outskirts

  • Less pollution

This is a very relevant problem at present – large cities have high levels of pollution. Traffic, industry and housing make the air quality worse than in outlying neighbourhoods.

So the further your home is from the city centre, the cleaner the air you breathe into your lungs. And to fully enjoy clean air, nothing beats doing so in our homes in Navarra.

In Pamplona we have 1 to 3 bedroom homes with educational, health, commercial and leisure services all very close to the residential development. Within this you will be able to enjoy a swimming pool, private garden and a variety of communal areas.

  • More peaceful

Another disadvantage of living in the city centre is the pace of life. The crowded streets, full of shops and traffic cause stress for all the inhabitants of the area.

The peace and quiet of the outskirts contrasts with the fast and frenetic pace of the city centre, enabling you to escape the noise and crowds and allowing for a more relaxed life.

A perfect option for enjoying this peace and quiet is to live in Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid).

These are recently refurbished properties that include fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms with luxury finishings and large communal areas for all the family to enjoy daily life, disconnect from the routine and relax.

  • More security for you and yours

Small luxuries like being able to walk the dog without being pestered, going for long walks with the kids, and jogging along large avenues can be done every day in the outskirts. In large cities you can’t do activities like these without being surrounded by people, but this problem does not exist in the outskirts. The streets are more peaceful and there are fewer people in them which gives greater privacy.

The residential areas and the gated communities in the outskirts have security and auxiliary services such as video surveillance and security personnel that control areas such as accesses and communal areas, providing greater security for you and yours.

Private gated communities like these in Aranjuez and Las Rozas have a private concierge service, restricted areas and video surveillance cameras to guarantee your security and that of your family.

In addition to all the advantages associated with moving to the outskirts, it is important to take into account your life style, tastes and needs when making this decision. In any case, at Testa we are here to help you and on our website you will find different styles of housing with an endless range of possibilities, locations, layouts, features, prices, etc. so you can find the option that best suits you.

Don’t hesitate, contact us at and find your perfect home for living in the outskirts.

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