Comfort, peace and quiet and security…

These are just some of the things a property in a gated community with communal areas gives you.

Nowadays, exclusive spaces have become a must when looking for a home. We know this and so offer a wide range of such properties throughout Spain.

If you have a large family you are sure to want a gated residential community with large gardens, a communal swimming pool, sports facilities and a children’s play area. You and your family’s safety and peace and quiet are a priority. You will find this and much more in our housing development in Seseña, Toledo.

You don’t need to have children to enjoy the communal areas. If you live alone, imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and relaxing in the swimming pool, taking a refreshing dip and when the sun has started to go down a workout in the gym and the paddle tennis league at the weekend. And all without leaving home! But you also want to be close to the frenetic rhythm of the city. Far away and nearby at the same time. All this is possible in the Marqués de Vadillo gated community, located a few minutes from the city centre and with an endless range of amenities for you.

What are the advantages of living in a home with communal areas?

Peace and quiet

You already spend the day in the hustle and bustle of the big city with its frenetic pace and noise, the only thing you ask for when you arrive home is peace and quiet. Living in a residential area gives you the silence you crave and the peace and quiet that has become a privilege of the lucky few.

And if you have children, it is the perfect environment. They can have fun, let off steam, and play sport without leaving the residential complex. They will have the freedom they want and you the peace of mind of knowing they are safe. You will live with fewer worries!


We all want to feel safe and sound in our house and so some of the most sought after features when choosing a home are a concierge, if possible 24 hours a day, and security cameras. Gated residential communities with communal areas, due to their large surface areas, are equipped with these security systems so everything is under control and we don’t have to worry about everything. An obvious example is the holiday season, a time when burglaries and squatters abound. You can go away without having to worry; these gated communities ensure the security and peace of mind of their tenants, such as the one in Mirasierra; see how the concierge’s office is located strategically with a 360º view so the concierge can see all that’s going on.

But there’s more, if you have kids and the only thing they want to do is play outside for hours on end, now they can do so without your having to worry. Having a children’s play area in the open air but at the same time enclosed so they don’t have to cross the street and you know where they are at all times gives peace of mind.

Quality of life

It’s a luxury having certain installations in your own home. Proximity, security, even cost savings.

At the height of the summer, getting up on Saturday morning, putting on your swimsuit and flip-flops and in two minutes being able to lay out your towel and have a swim in the pool is a privilege. Having a pool in your gated community is essential, above all if you live somewhere without a beach, such as in Arroyo de la Encomienda, in Valladolid, where its gets very hot in the summer.

Sports facilities have become a top priority

We live in a society in which sport is increasingly popular and facilities for playing paddle tennis, tennis, football and basketball are a very interesting extra. Having a gym in your gated community is highly beneficial; it will save you money as you won’t have to pay to use it as you would in a conventional gym.

Another thing that is essential to a property in a gated community with communal areas is a children’s play area. You can let the kids go out to play on the swings with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are safe and that the playground equipment is made of premium quality materials. Also, their being in the same gated community has the advantage of proximity; you can go home in less than a minute if you have forgotten something or if your child needs to use the bathroom. How many hours will the kids spend playing on this slide in the gated community in the neighbourhood of Sant Pau, in Valencia.


Neighbours will become part of the family; a game of paddle tennis, an aperitif in the house of the friendly neighbour who lives on the fourth floor, a game of cards by the pool. What could be better than having friends in your gated community? You will be able to make plans without leaving home. Thanks to the communal areas you will get to know the neighbours on your own floor, which, let’s be honest, is great when you are cooking a meal and realise you need some salt.

The residential area of Jardines de Tara in las Palmas is ideal for a paddle tennis tournament among the neighbours, have you seen your court? And with views over the pool. What a great idea!

If you have kids it’s great to be able to take them to a neighbour’s house or leave them to play all afternoon in the gated community. They will have a great time making friends with the other kids. You will be giving them independence while being nearby, just in case.

The gated community becomes a safe, healthy and fun place. Everybody wins!

Choosing a property with communal areas means quality of life and comfort. Who doesn’t want that? Ask Testa for information, we will adapt ourselves to your needs and look for and find your perfect house.

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